What to Read Next

Please visit these wonderful steampunk author friends!

Beyond the Rails by Jack Tyler

Beyond the Rails is a multivolume series set in nineteenth-century Africa.

Royal America: Southwest of What Might Have Been by Steve Moore

An Unsubstantiated Chamber: Book One of the Rail Legacy by William J Jackson

The Rail Legacy series by William J. Jackson

William’s series is a “fusion of steampunk and super-heroics.” In addition, William has written two junior novels “On the Rail.”

The Ingenious Mechanical Devices series by Kara Jorgensen

David Lee Summers’ Author Page

David has written nine novels, including the Weird-West Steampunk Clockwork Legion series, and the Scarlet Order books about vampire mercenaries in an alternate 21st Century; he’s also edited and contributed to several anthologies. In addition, he’s an astronomer at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society: A Steampunk Dime Store Novella by Alice E. Keyes

Of Hexes & Hauntings; Tales from the Other Side (Paperback Anthology) featuring Kent Whittington

The Post-Apocalyptic Society: Nelson & Hyde books by Stephanie Kato

Michelle Lowe’s Author Page

Michelle’s books include  The Warning, Cherished Thief, Atlantic Pyramid and Children’s books, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and The Hex Hunt series. Her latest book, Legacy, is the first book in a steampunk epic fantasy series.

Karen J. Carlisle’s Author Page

Karen’s books include the Victorian Mystery/Steampunk series, The Adventures of Viola Stewart.

X-Troop by Clay Davis

Daniel Ottalini’s Author Page

Daniel’s books include the Steam Empire Chronicles, an alternate history Steampunk series set in a Roman Empire that never fell.