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A Gem from Temperance

Howdy folks.
I have decided that I am not a reviewer. I did the one review on ‘Jonny Quest’, but that is not my style. Rather, I think I will use this platform to share my opinion or

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To Review the Quests with Temperance

Howdy folks. Hold onto your hats: here comes my first ever review!

‘Jonny Quest’ is a television cartoon series that had a one season run in ’64-’65.The demographic is young boys, aged 10-12. The producers try to

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A Disaster of Temperance

Hello, valued patron.
That is how I greeted folks entering my part of the haunted house this year. I have just completed my seventh season at Sloss Fright Furnace. I wrote an article about my work as an actor there

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With a Pallet of Temperance

Howdy folks, this is a little post about what I’ve been up to lately. I was hoping to write about my blooming acting career, but alas, it is still in the bud.
Instead, I am going to write about

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The Chapped Cheeks of Temperance

The Chapped Cheeks of Temperance
I have recently completed my fifth year as an actor and fourth year as a production hand at a haunted house attraction here in Birmingham Alabama. The venue is a real-life haunted

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To Speak with Temperance

Dig it, y’all!
This is a re-blog of a guest post on writing that I did for writing guru Ari Meghlen’s blog ‘Eternal Scribbler’.
To Speak with Temperance
by Icky
“Eek! Dig it, Miss Plumtartt! We are guest

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Of Fury and Temperance

Hi folks. This blog post is prompted by Cait, of the aptly named writing blog, Paper Fury. Cait is a phenomenal writer and an amazing blogger with some of the most clever themes on the web.
The article is intended

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December, 2016 – New Release: The Two Faces of Temperance

Back Cover:
“Oh, my Goodness, Miss Plumtartt, there is a fiendish monster at loose in London!”
“Quite so, Mr. Temperance. I say, the villain has the Great City in an uproar, sir.”
“Yes, Ma’am, Miss Plumtartt, Ma’am, there is

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A Guest of Temperance – Guest Post by Daniel Ottalini

The Wonderful World Of Romanpunk
by Daniel Ottalini
Salve! Let me be the first to welcome you into my world, the world of Romanpunk (Or my Alternate History and Steampunk World). I’m Daniel Ottalini, your guide, host, author, whatever you

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A Home of Temperance

Hello my friends.
A young lady in France by the name of Marie has a reading blog named ‘Drizzle and Hurricane Books’. I am happy to be participating in her ‘Souvenirs from Across the World’ project. Marie’s friends are invited

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